QWill Writing Services are completely open and transparent about our prices. Many companies will ask you to get in touch and then build a package around your need. We package your needs for the fixed prices below.

If you wish to speak to any of our team, please don't hesitate to call us on 0333 212 0309 or email us on

Service Price Further Information
Simple Will £50
Joint or Mirror Will £100
Amendments for Single Will £30
Amendments for Joint or Mirror Will £45
Attestation Services £50 Travel costs can be incurred
Trusts £125 Various Trusts
Family Trusts £2,000/£3,000 Single/Double Family
Trustee Provisions £100
Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA PA) £150
Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA HW) £150
Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA PA/HW) £250
Probate/Consultancy Fees £125 Per Hour Charged
Severance of Tenancy £100 Per Property
Document Storage (Custody for Life) £25 Per Annum
Inheritance Protection £125 Per Hour Charged
Estate Planning £125 Per Hour Charged

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